I provide guidance and advice to high-profile Western corporations looking to expand into new territories, notably into China, Russia and India. I provide risk assessment services, advise on how to avoid bureaucratic mishaps, and identify the people a company needs to know in new territories, whether in banking, mining, oil and gas, or other industries. I usually provide this service via specialist consultancies but can be contacted directly.

I also write on a non-pure-editorial basis, notably for commercial and travel purposes. On the commercial side, I compile regular guides to countries and cities, for the likes of Asiamoney and Euromoney – work on the latter has recently taken me across Central Asia and to the heart of China.

My annual itinerary takes me far and wide: when travelling, I also contribute to the online lifestyle magazine Stylebible, where I am a contributing editor, writing the New Delhi and Beijing guides, among others, and can be hired as a commercial and editorial travel writer.

I am also a regular moderator on panels and have organised and participated in commercial round tables as far afield as Mumbai, London, Manila and Beijing, covering such subjects as real estate, securities, project and trade finance, cash management, and private banking.

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