My career as a journalist has gone through three distinct stages. I started out in London in 1998, working as a staff writer at a London-based e-business magazine, Net Profit, a magazine I later edited. I also spent several months during this period writing for the German business daily Handelsblatt, in Düsseldorf.

I moved to industrial northeast China in late 2001, learning Mandarin and working first as an English teacher, then as an editor and producer at the state radio service, China Radio International, in Beijing. In 2003, the newswire AFX-Asia hired me first as a reporter, and later as a bureau chief covering Beijing and Hong Kong. After moving to Hong Kong I joined Euromoney group, covering India and China. After going freelance in 2006 I moved to Mumbai to cover the then-thriving Indian economy.

I continue to freelance for a variety of leading publications including the Economist, Daily Mail, Euromoney, Barrons, IFR, Huffington Post, Private Eye, London Loves Business, the Spectator and, before its demise, the Spectator Business, where I was an associate editor, focusing on issues as diverse as China’s shadow lenders, Vietnamese private eqiuty, Asia’s infrastructure gap, Afghan bank fraud bank, India’s love-hate affair with foreign investors, and the rise or re-emergence of Sub-Saharan Africa and Myanmar.

I’m a regular contributor to BBC radio, providing analysis and opinion on issues regarding India and China. I continue to travel widely and regularly, covering China, the Indian subcontinent, Russia and the former Soviet Union, and sub-Saharan Africa. I’ve been kidnapped by Kazakh lepers and slapped (twice) by the same Rwandan mountain gorilla.

I speak German, Chinese and Russian and live in Switzerland with my wife.

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